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The pandemic and rapid technological advancements have shown us that the old ways of leading no longer apply. Adaptability and understanding your team’s needs and values are essential in this new landscape.
There’s a lot of opinion out there. But not all of it will help you. Bickering with trolls on social media doesn’t help you succeed. And it’s not good for our craft. Choose sources that are experienced, open and maybe swimming aginst the current.
The best kind of coach is one who understands where you want to go, where you are, and what strategies are likely to work (universally and just for you). Are you doing that?
I am interested in the difference makers. The factors that determine whether or not you are the hero of the greatest story ever. The true badass shares a heritage with the greatest philosophers, doers, and heroes in history.
Episode 229 - Why Sameness Is Not A Strategy. Don't be an algorithm-pleaser! If you're talking about agile on social media, but you're copying what everyone else is're a follower. Learn how to stand out in this episode.
Badass Agile welcomes Sofia Theodorou (People Executive) and Carl Oxholm (Tax Executive and CEO of Virtue Compass) to talk about the state of people and culture in 2023.
Impact requires strength. We talk about big goals and making impact...but without real commitment and action, nothing happens. Seeing an outcome is only the first step. You have to act.
Community polarization, influx of new scrum masters, too much complexity and the introduction of AI will challenge agile practitioners in 2023.
Agile teams can be poisoned by negative energy. Are you - or someone on your team - leaking negativity? Find out how - and what you can do about it.
If you want to follow the agile or scrum manual or worship the rules, you can't be an artist.

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