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Episode 234 – Opportunity

Episode 234 - Opportunity

We could have gone back to normal by now….but we haven’t. Because we can’t. Things are forever changed. To the badass, that means opportunity.

Think about everything that has changed since the pandemic.
-People have seen what a balanced life looks like
-People are learning that the traditional economy is unreliable – even unstable.
-People have SEEN that the systems and rules that we were brought up with were nonsense.
-Because they’ve SEEN it, not just read about it, they KNOW that things can be different.

When the system refuses to acknowledge and respond to these changing forces….you see what happens
-People quit even if they have nothing to fall back on
-They divest themselves of a decades-long career
-They realign themselves to a passion project
-They suddenly find courage to do what they’ve always wanted to do

When people start finding courage – tasting it for the first time, you’re on the brink of a revolution.

At the same time, we have people rushing to tech careers (not necessarily a bad thing) including scrum master roles, the market saturates. So what does this mean for badasses?

A window has been opened. Not like bitcoin or NFT’s – these are real, irreversible shifts. Good ones. That means there are opportunities for you. I don’t care if you want a promotion, raise, new job, new company, a switch to independent work – or if you just want to serve better and bigger – now is your chance. You must seize the open window where the PAIN is loud and clear but most organizations are too slow to respond to it. That’s where you come in.

Not gonna lie. This takes courage.

The easiest way forward is to just stick your chest out and go boldly through the aisles.
-Ask anyone you know what their pain point is. I guarantee its not software
-Listen carefully for common threads. You will hear a lot about people – finding good people, keeping good people, motivating good people.
-Sit at home in the morning or at night, on the train or before the sun comes up with a pen and paper and start thinking about those problems. Get obsessed. read. study. research. But most important, come up with solutions. How does what you know about scrum/agile have the potential to help?
-Don’t think inside your existing box. Take the greatest hits from your knowledge and think about what you could be doing differently to help solve these problems.
-Remember the rules of the badass. Be visionary, don’t ask permission. Do the thing that has never been done before. Seek the hard challenges. Laugh in the face of danger.
-If you can’t figure these out, hire me.

Be bold. Let’s go.

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