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Go way beyond certifications – uncover your badass.  This is your chance to build effortless confidence, certainty, vision and influence.

What Is The Forge

The Forge provides people with the mindset and habits to become a unique leader who achieves bold outcomes no matter what. Participants learn to embody courage, intention, vision, humility, resilience through a year-long immersion experience in cohorts of 4-8 people. Each participant gets individualized coaching to ensure measurable, significant progress against their own goals and desires.

Who is The Forge For?

The perfect Forge candidates include established Agile Practitioners (scrum masters, trainers, coaches) OR business leaders who need to learn how to self-advocate, develop discipline, face their demons and gaps so they can be seen by their peers as uncommonly confident, certain, positive, powerful, and effective.

Frequenty asked questions

How long does The Forge last?

It is a year-long immersion experience composed of 52 lessons. It often goes a little longer than a year due to holidays or other circumstances.

This is a big investment - how do I know this is right for me?

Chances are, you’ve arrived here because my work resonates with you. If you like what you’ve heard, this program delivers what you’ve been seeking. If, for any reason, you don’t want to continue, you can cancel with a full refund within the first thirty days after program start. After those thirty days, there are no refunds.

What if I get sick or can't complete the course for personal reasons?

I completely understand how life can be challenging and unpredictable. Your fee includes a one-time roll-back option. If the 30-day guarantee has expired, you can exit the current cohort and rejoin a future one.

What time commitment can I expect?

We do a weekly lesson for one hour, an optional lab and group coaching every second week. There are also six 1:1 coaching sessions for each cohort member over the course of the year.

When are the weekly lessons, labs, and coaching sessions?

Once finalized, the membership decides the optimal lesson/lab time based on time zone. An international cohort will usually have a start time between 12PM EST and 4PM EST. If you ever miss a lesson, you can watch the recorded replay at your convenience.

For 1:1 coaching, you can schedule at your convenience.

How do we meet?

We use Microsoft Teams.

Is there homework?

Yes. Each lesson requires that you perform an exercise. Members report back your results or output to the team in the next lesson. Homework is posted in a shared folder for team review.

If I'm struggling to understand or keep up, what kind of support is available?

I break each cohort up into crews of 6-8. Each crew pairs up members with an accountability buddy. This helps with understanding, retention and progress.

If you’re ever lost, you can reach out to me. My purpose is to guarantee that you get the full benefit of this experience. I’m accountable for your results. I’ll get you the help and support you need.

Are you going to teach us Scrum?

Not exactly. The fundamentals of Scrum, Kanban, Agile, Product Ownership etc are easy to learn. Resources are plentiful. I exist to create elite leaders. You might find that you like applying Agile principles to your growth and mastery even if you don’t work as a Scrum Master or Coach. You might find that you want to grow as a leader in a Scrum Master or Coach role. You might want to apply these principles to your career or entrepreneurial path. Everyone is different.

Sometimes we talk about Scrum/Agile techniques. More often, we find that the problems that plague agile teams are the human problems. Influence, confidence, motivation, inspiration, communication or conflict.

Be the Leader you always wished to be

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Real Clients

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Imagine how our services could transform you and your team.

In The Forge, I discovered certainty and authenticity when I owned my personal vision.
In The Forge, I became impactful when I learned how to own my time and focus on things that matter. 
In The Forge, I found bravery when I pushed into the strength of my resilience.
In The Forge, I transformed my every day by seeking to understand myself and others.
In The Forge, I journeyed into the depths of what I’m made of and emerged the hero I was born to be.
The Forge taught me to harness the power of my authenticity and transform my life’s work into a series of impactful moments by showing up with intent, confidently leaning into hard things and emerging as the hero I was born to be every single day.

– Jen, The Forge Student

To say that The Forge is not just a training but rather, an experience, is an understatement.
The challenges faced, the friendships made, the potential that has been unleashed went well beyond any expectation I had. The Forge has elevated my coaching abilities and helped me to become a better version of myself. I could not recommend it more highly for coaches at any point on their journey.

– Ken, The Forge Student

I joined The Forge to learn skills to make me a better consultant. What I didn’t expect, was to become a better self. This course taught me so much about myself, what it means to serve others, and how to do so effectively

– Chris, The Forge Student