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Episode 224 – Circulate Value – The Agile Survival Skill

Agile Survival - Circulate Value

Agile Survival

Agile survival depends on circulating value.

You can’t stand still, surrounded by the same four walls, and expect to grow.

A Bad Pattern

We’ve gotten into a bad pattern in the past few decades. If we’re not talking software, we don’t know how to serve our clients with agility. Most CEO’s don’t know for sure what agile is – or what it can do for them when used beyond the technology sphere.

You can apply Agile and Scrum anywhere you have a high-value and uncertain outcome. We should be using our superpowers to help companies bring products and solutions “to the market” quicker. That could be product, solutions, culture, revenue, or change.

How You Can Help

Remember, our universe is changing. There are more and more scrum masters and coaches every year. If all of us are heading straight for the software team rooms, we’re going to oversaturate the market and lose our value. Here’s where we can be helping to busines solve their MOST important problems. For example:

  1. Remote work – how can you make this work for people who no longer want to work in centralized offices? Help companies experiment with new modes of working. Figure out the challenges and change the perceptions that remote work is bad/impossible
  2. Quiet Quitting And Great Resignation – people are quitting and they’re not being replaced. This increases resource pressure and dissatisfaction on the people left behind – and then they quit too. Whoever solves tis problem first will recover from this unique challenge. There’s no template – this has never been done before. Innovation and creativity is required.
  3. Throwing Money at #2 – turns out that’s not what was needed. We’ve filled a resource gap with resources that can’t/don’t want to work with passion and purpose.
  4. Economic Instability – there has never been a better time to help companies react to unstable conditions. That could include bringing new products to market, pivoting, increasing customer value or loyalty, diversifying revenue streams, or simplifying existing processes or structures. We can also be teaching new agile and scrum practitioners how to approach these opportunities.


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