Episode 220 – How To Keep Yourself Accountable

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Podcast

Main reasons for backsliding:
-Not enough time to build a habit
-Not enough of an emotionally compelling reason to stay the course (alignment to higher ideas, desire for benefit, avoidance of pain)
-The pain of change is WORSE than the pain of not changing
-When things get busy or difficult, we let go of anything NEW or not related to SURVIVAL

This problem is amplified when a coach just parachutes in and delivers messaging, strategies and tactics, but can’t help the team habitualize them.

How to avoid backsliding

  1. All coaching engagements must include measurement and follow up, just like a good doctor. I need to know if you’re taking the medicine
  2. All commitments must include personalized WHY
  3. Hand off accountability to a nested coach or lead if you won’t be there to follow up and track
  4. Make failure OK – make mastery a path, not a destination. Let people revise their targets without letting themselves off the hook
  5. Create accountability pairs
  6. Use creeds and agreements
  7. Pre-arrange what the team will DO if they catch themselves falling off of a practice


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