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Badass Unscripted – Don’t Stay Stuck…Do This

Badass Unscripted - Don't Stay Stuck - Do This
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If you have areas of your life and work that NEVER seem to progress…you’re stuck. It’s a headscratcher, because you have other areas where you’re crushing it. So you KNOW you can set and hit goals.

You know you want to FINALLY tackle it. That thing you never tackle. You know you’re making excuses. You’re putting it off. Even though you SAY it’s a top priority. You might even be experiencing change because you’re not addressing it. And still…nothing happens.

And it never will, until you learn that knowledge and desire are not enough. The will – not the motivation – is the key. The self-discipline to take a stand, to decide, and then to execute the tiniest increment.

Then, you can trust yourself. You build the confidence that this challenge doesn’t own you. You become bigger.


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