Episode 218 – These Unseen Beliefs Are Holding Your Team Back

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Podcast

Much of our defining, outward behaviour emerges through experiences that forge our beliefs. Beliefs become default ways of acting and reacting – many of which don’t serve us. Approaching mastery often feels like ‘becoming limitless,’ which is precisely what we must do. We have to shatter the boundaries caused by our beliefs.

When our beliefs are negative or constraining, we may avoid doing the right things, either because we feel it pointless or because striving in the face of low odds is demotivating.

Here are the beliefs that keep us from performing at our best:
I/we can’t do this
We can’t change them
This won’t work
I’m supposed to be right – perfection is my yardstick
I’m not allowed to do this
I don’t need help – I’ve got this
Nobody can do this but me
I don’t have enough time
I don’t have the right tools
I don’t have enough knowledge or skill
Usually, these statements turn out to be false. Even when they are accurate, we can decide that it doesn’t matter.

To change beliefs, we first name the opposite. “I CAN do this”; “I WILL find the time.”. Changing from negative to affirmative gives us all the accountability – and all of the power. The challenges remain, but our confidence to win creates new energy.

We also have to stay resilient and committed to the goal. There’s a reason we feel these goals are tricky – they are. But toxic beliefs are only formed when we see challenging goals as impossible. Our inner certainty and ruthless experimentation will create results that had been out of our reach before.


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