Badass Unscripted – Never Bow To Fashion

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Podcast

Here’s a habit I’m willing to bet you have adopted without even noticing… You think without thinking.

To me, this means that we often accept what we read, see or hear because it’s familiar. With so much visual communication, if something looks similar to a trustworthy source, it must be trustworthy.

The more an idea is repeated, the more it is amplified in our minds. Our ideas are as likely to come from somebody else’s Ted Talk or Instagram feed as they are from our own minds.

Every day we’re told what to buy. We are told what to say. Were even told what to believe. It’s very easy to tell what ideas are popular, and it’s very easy to choose the popular ones as our own.

Fashion is supposed to be about individual expression. But so often, it really is about fitting in with the crowd. Your “individual choices” have been pre-selected for you. This includes your thought patterns, ideas, and beliefs.

To truly express yourself freely, you must take time to be aware and contemplate during your daily life. From there, you begin to notice patterns, ask questions, and forge your own ideas.


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