Episode 210 – The Rise of The Agile Company

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Podcast

Hesitation Kills. Don’t let your company fall into extinction – or even fall behind your competitors – before you finally learn this lesson.

Unlike any other time in history, the market is screaming for solutions.  Great Resignation, political and identity divide, social media, web 3.0, cryptocurrencies…all of these are new forces that companies are caught with their pants down in dealing with.

Great companies will arise from this confusion. Those who aggressively deal with the future are those who will capitalize on it and survive.

You can pretend these forces don’t affect you, but you can’t pretend your company is in first place when it’s actually at the bottom of the pile. 

How can your Badass Agile skills help you create a better company:

-Teach leaders to use the principle of maximum value first to communicate your approach. 

-If you don’t have an approach, communicate your commitment, passion, and care

-Propose or help leaders propose experiments that help address your business challenges. Minimize risk by testing aggressively and keeping experiments short.

-Don’t stay attached to any one ‘way’.  Kill your darlings.  If it doesn’t work, let it go and move on.

-There is no fast-forward button.  Unlearn certainty and safety.

-If you do what’s right for your people and your customers first, you usually can’t go wrong.

-Most important, don’t freeze in analysis and forethought.  Move. Get off the ‘x’.

-Inspire people with your courage and massive action.


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