Episode 209 – Knowledge

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Podcast

We place value on being spectators…observers to the wisdom of others. But what does ‘being in the know’ really buy you?

-How much time do we waste on social media trying to know the latest?

-How many meetings do we attend for the purpose of being looped in or informed?

-How many books do we read hoping it will transform our practice…only to forget most of what we learned, and give up when it doesn’t yield instant results.

-what would happen if we assumed that what we need to know will find us?

How will it find us?

-We must be bold, courageous and internally certain. We must leap.

-Each day lean into the fear zone. It is usually the case that the scariest thing is the most important thing to do.  When we fail to ask, to call to action, to take risks, when we busy ourselves with other work that we THINK is meaningful, we don’t get what we want. We have been educated and conditioned to believe that this is important work…but its not.

-We must be truly self-aware. We must listen to ourselves, know ourselves, and be able to get feedback from others as well – to truly KNOW things.  Know what we want. Know what we fear. Know what delights us and ignites our passion.

Ask yourself each day – what’s the scary thing?


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