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Episode 206 – Agile Success

Episode 206 - Agile Success

We have got to put Agile thinking into other parts of the business.

With millions of certified professionals hitting the marketplace, you’re going to have to figure out how to compete quickly.

Here are some key areas where you need to help business react to trends, lead the industry, and solve their own problems efficiently.

1. Sustainable Business – Buyers are more actively concerned with the ways in which their suppliers impact global problems such as climate, poverty, diversity, violence, corruption, war, natural resources and politics.

2. Sustainable People – We are burning people out, and now that workers have seen a different future, things will never go back to the way they were before COVID-19. Companies that fail to get it will be disassembled and left in the dust.

3. Faster, more effective processes – from business and project planning, new product introduction, sales, marketing and support, everything will need to be both faster and more effective in 2022.

4. Creating mindset shift – The biggest challenge to transformation, automation, digitization, etc is the inability to do things differently – at the leadership and team levels. Fixing this problem is like playing whack-a-mole: If you get one handled, you have to switch to the next one and then the first one gets away from you again.  

5.  Flattening organizations – how to create flatter mini cultures for innovation. Organizations need to forget the idea that you can evolve by getting 100,000 people to row in the same direction. Creating pockets of innovation energy will allow you to get the advantage by moving fast, and delivering first.

6.  Leadership coaching, investment in leader/employee education – People are itching to leave their organizations and find something better.  It could be more money. It could be better opportunity or greater flexibility. 

7.   Decentralized Finance – creating personal and business capital need not come from a handful of powerful players.  The trend started with crowdfunding, gig economies, virtual banks and micro-loans will only strengthen.  Whoever helps build these technologies – and those who use these new sources of capital – will need to know how to prioritize and adapt quickly.

8. Crypto-currency, blockchain and Web 3.0 (Meta-verse)

You can delay or defer any of these, but what about what comes next?  Failing to act swiftly is what turns otherwise majestic companies to ash.


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