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Welcome to Badass Agile, where we believe in fostering a culture of fearless productivity and positive energy. Our unique, immersive experiences – from expert coaching and energizing podcasts to comprehensive in-person training and cutting-edge digital courses – are designed to eliminate roadblocks and inspire teams to reach their highest potential.
We’re here to challenge the status quo, rooting out unproductive beliefs, uncertainty, fear, and indecision. Instead, we empower you with the tools and mindset to create a thriving, Agile culture that delivers exceptional results.
Whether you’re seeking to enhance your leadership skills, accelerate team performance, or transform your organization’s culture, we have a solution tailored to meet your needs.

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What Is Badass Agile?

At Badass Agile, we’re committed to your growth and success. Our range of services are designed to help you overcome challenges, eliminate inefficiencies, and foster a positive, productive culture.
Coaching – Let our seasoned coaches guide you in adopting an Agile mindset, boosting your team’s efficiency, and overcoming any roadblocks in your path.
Podcasts – Tune into our engaging podcasts, brimming with inspiring stories, actionable insights, and practical tips to fuel your Agile journey.
In-Person Training – Join our hands-on training sessions, where we tackle real-world scenarios and equip you with the skills to navigate success
Digital Courses – Immerse yourself in our comprehensive online courses, designed to help you master Agile principles and practices at your own pace.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Learn about the Badass Agile philosophy that I’ve been practicing with clients – leaders and teams –  for years.  Each week is a short, powerful reflection on experiences, mindset and habit pairs, and current trends that will challenge and strengthen your practice.   These are the attitudes and practices of elite leaders in every realm – Agile and beyond – and they don’t teach these in any school.

Let's discuss the 2024 State of Agile Report and its implications for your practice. For the first time, we seem to be able to admit that Agile is drowning in the large enterprise space. So what does this mean for the industry? Don't miss this candid breakdown of the current state of Agile in 2024.
In this episode, I discuss my prediction that 2024 will be the year of The Agile Entrepreneur practitioner. It's time for a shift in mindset and skills required to thrive in the evolving marketplace - listening, solution-oriented thinking, and pitching value to become the leaders organizations are seeking.
In today's podcast episode, we explore the role of agile leaders in social media, discussing its societal impact, resisting divisiveness, and promoting positivity online to influence the digital landscape constructively.