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A chat with Adam Smith, founder of Tension Consulting to discuss intentional design, doing what's best for your clients, taking risks, and staying agile as an entrepreneur.
When we discuss and debate agile, we talk about a lot of issues, but there's one group who is never invited to the table...the people we serve. We're not listening to the business.
Carl Oxholm, CEO of Virtue Compass, returns to the Badass Agile Podcast to discuss a leader's energies, and how they relate to impact and effectiveness in his new book "The Biology of Leadership", available everywhere.
Time to work on your own terms. Four years after the global pandemic, work - and why we do it - has changed. You have a choice to make. You can live by the guide, follow the rules and show up the same as everyone else. Or, you can spend your energy and live life on your own terms.
You have to think differently in order to achieve extraordinary results. Embracing uncertainty, challenging established norms, and transcending accepted conversations can lead to meaningful and lasting changes in our organizations and the world at large. Break free from corporate agile. This episode is for those who seek to create real impact and lead with excellence.
Let's look at the 3 Signs You're Addicted to Process. and provide insights on overcoming it. I emphasize the significance of focusing on core principles and adapting to change in the dynamic world of agility and leadership.
In this episode, "Why Are We Afraid of the word 'DO,'" I want to talk to you about accountability and commitment in the agile leadership space. You're not paid to obey the Scrum're paid to deliver promises to your team and ultimately your customer...
Let's discuss the 2024 State of Agile Report and its implications for your practice. For the first time, we seem to be able to admit that Agile is drowning in the large enterprise space. So what does this mean for the industry? Don't miss this candid breakdown of the current state of Agile in 2024.
In this episode, I discuss my prediction that 2024 will be the year of The Agile Entrepreneur practitioner. It's time for a shift in mindset and skills required to thrive in the evolving marketplace - listening, solution-oriented thinking, and pitching value to become the leaders organizations are seeking.
In today's podcast episode, we explore the role of agile leaders in social media, discussing its societal impact, resisting divisiveness, and promoting positivity online to influence the digital landscape constructively.
In this episode, I explore the need to redefine traditional agile roles, urging listeners to break free from industry constraints. I emphasize the importance of learning new skills for 2024, such as adding value, setting ambitious goals, fostering creativity and innovation, making decisive decisions, influencing others, and cultivating resilience. By mastering these skills, I highlight the potential for individuals to carve out a distinctive path in the world of agility, transcending conventional boundaries and embracing adaptability and courage in the evolving agile landscape.
When Agile fails, we should look first at where we failed to honour its principles. How many times have we taught "people over process and tools", only to focus solely on process and tools? Can it REALLY be the fault of management every time? Maybe we should take a closer look in our own houses.