the forge professional 

Apply deliberate focus to solve problems you think are unsolvable, with measurable 3-month outcomes.

What Is The Forge Professional

The Forge Professional is a 3-month program where teams learn a highly condensed version of the Forge Concepts through a 12-week accelerator, which uses alternative/modern training techniques that meet learners where they are – 10-minute increments, social media ‘attention disruption’, daily engagement, highly visual and mobile in nature.

Who is The Forge Professional For?

The Forge Professional was built for large corporations and companies who are struggling with change and/or performance within the organization because of their scale. Through the program, we help teams fix a specific problem and see real outcomes in 12 weeks. 


Bring The Forge to Your Teams

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Real Clients

Real clients with real feedback.
Imagine how our services could transform you and your team.

In The Forge, I discovered certainty and authenticity when I owned my personal vision.
In The Forge, I became impactful when I learned how to own my time and focus on things that matter. 
In The Forge, I found bravery when I pushed into the strength of my resilience.
In The Forge, I transformed my every day by seeking to understand myself and others.
In The Forge, I journeyed into the depths of what I’m made of and emerged the hero I was born to be.
The Forge taught me to harness the power of my authenticity and transform my life’s work into a series of impactful moments by showing up with intent, confidently leaning into hard things and emerging as the hero I was born to be every single day.

– Jen, The Forge Student

To say that The Forge is not just a training but rather, an experience, is an understatement.
The challenges faced, the friendships made, the potential that has been unleashed went well beyond any expectation I had. The Forge has elevated my coaching abilities and helped me to become a better version of myself. I could not recommend it more highly for coaches at any point on their journey.

– Ken, The Forge Student

I joined The Forge to learn skills to make me a better consultant. What I didn’t expect, was to become a better self. This course taught me so much about myself, what it means to serve others, and how to do so effectively

– Chris, The Forge Student