Identity Matters

Identity Talks with Carl Oxholm and Chris Williams

Identity - How You Show Up

Identity – “the consistency of being-ness” – is the definition of who you are.  By consciously choosing our identity, we combine our past with our future.  We combine who we are with whom we most wish to be.  This can be a powerful force in motivating self, and others.

Scroll down to watch “The Identity Talks” – a masterclass on Conscious Identity Authorship.

Meet Your Instructors

Carl Oxholm

Carl is Founder and CEO of Virtue Compass Inc. (“VCI”). VCI helps individuals and organizations optimize their energy and manifest their intention.  Carl has travelled the world providing talks and facilitating workshops that involve culture change, EI and leadership development.

Chris Williams

Chris is the host of the Badass Agile podcast, editor of The Agile Horizon, and master coach of The Forge, an immersion experience for leaders.  As the CEO of Fuse Chamber Inc, he creates in-person and digital experiences that create heroes.

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The Identity Talks

Part I - Introduction

Ignoring your identity is a mistake.

If you are not consciously managing your identity, you’ll create it ‘by accident’.  How others experience you will be out of your hands.

To be Authentic and Impactful, you MUST understand who you are, who you want to be, and the gap between the two.

Identity must be authored by design.  Find out how in this introductory video.

Part II - Forging Your Identity with Intention and Awareness

Authoring a powerful identity is not as simple as “reinventing yourself”.

You must have the awareness to sense how others experience you.  You have to be open to feedback.  You have to notice how you respond in difficult situations.  What you consistently do determines how others experience you.  Most people have no idea what that experience is like.

You must also be intentional about what that experience could and should be.  Your values and desires will help you determine your ideal.   Then comes the hard work – bridging the gap between present and future identity

Part III - Benefits Of Identity By Design

Greater impact.  Authentic leadership.  Magnetism and charisma.  Ethical influence without resorting to ‘carrots and sticks’. 

A discovery of the limitless YOU.

Conscious identity management allows you to create deeper bonds.  You’ll build trust easier.  You’ll become the leader you NEED to be for the workplace of the future.

Hire Carl and Chris

Carl Oxholm and Chris Williams have designed unique experiences to impact your teams and leaders.   They can serve your organization via keynote presentations, workshops, and development programs.

Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about values-and-vision-based leadership, navigating modern people challenges, and leadership branding.


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