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Corporate Agile

Corporate Agile

The future of agile lies in a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. Let’s use our skills to create a better work environment, deliver better products, and strive for better balance.

Episode 242 – Agile and Social Media

A photo of a cell phone wth all of its social media apps displayed. Epsiode 242 - Agile and Social Media.

Is social media dying? Has it gone past its use-by date? It seems that there’s ever more division and complexity, and you have to ask…is it really adding value?

Episode 241 – Why Nobody Wants Your Agile

Nobody Wants Your Agile because what you're delivering doesn't add value that anyone cares about.

Many times, the problem lies in the misconception of what agile truly offers and the failure to communicate its value effectively. We need to bridge the gap between what we’re delivering and what businesses actually find valuable…

Episode 240 – Why Big Agile Fails

This image shows a series of skyscrapers and tall office buildings that imply size and weight - the very reasons Big Agile fails

Why do big organizations struggle with agility? Big Agile frequently falls short. Scaling frameworks don’t really help. Let’s explore the characteristics of large organizations and the people who work there so we can see why Big Agile doesn’t fit big enterprise – and what you can do about it.

Episode 238 – Why I Quit The Agile Biz

I'm Moving Out...Why I Quit The Agile Biz

The industry is facing a crowded market, a decline in quality of work, and a lack of focus on outcomes. We still tend to overthink and over-document, leading to a lack of actual delivery. Get ready for an eye-opening discussion that will leave you questioning the state of the agile biz.

Episode 237 – Agile Players Have a Duty

Episode 237 - Agile Players Have a Duty

As an agile practitioner, you have a duty to lead and to make real change. I think we’re most imminently qualified to bring real cultural and social change to our workplaces…and beyond.

Episode 236 – Agile vs. Traditional Project Management: Is Agile Losing Favour?

Episode 236 - Agile vs. Traditional PM - Is Agile Losing Favour?

Is Agile Losing Favor?: “I see more ads for Agile project managers. I see more online sources calling Agile a form of project management. Does that mean that Agile is losing favor? Does it mean that there’s some things that we missed or wrote off about the traditional Project Manager that are coming back in style?”

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