Badass Agile is a Fuse Chamber Project.

Technology is Cheap.

Its no longer remarkable that you use technology, but how well and how quickly you employ it so you can get back to doing the things you’re in business for…creating valuable solutions that fill a need in the market.

As we spent most of the 2000’s creating methods and processes – laboratory style – Agile has emerged as a refreshingly simple and powerful approach to work.  In fact it is SO simple and powerful because it is based on the same principles that make anyone successful in any arena.

I’m interested in two areas:

  1.  How Agile principles could be used to spread and reach not only non-technical projects but individuals in all areas of endeavour.
  2. How to serve Agile, and the products/companies it helps by putting stronger leaders at the helm.

Knowledge is Cheap.

There’s so much out there on the How. Nothing prepares you to lead teams through the radical change.

‘Flat organizations’ are in fashion, but the world is dying for leaders.  When Agile projects stumble, it’s not because of the practices.  It’s because nobody knew how to lead the masses to new ways of thinking and behaving.  Mindset, not tools.

Until you adopt the right attitudes and habits, Agile will not change your team, its stakeholders or your organization.  And the larger the organization, the tougher that will be.

We need confident people who can change minds.  We need them to become people that others want to follow.  We need people of courage who can show, by example, how to be truly accountable; to focus, try, fail, and improve.

We need a badass.  And that may be you.

Perhaps only a few of us crave to be exceptional. To make significant change. I am here to serve those that do. To bring them arm and arm are, to ignite and inspire.  This is the stuff they don’t teach in school.

Whether you seek to create a winning team, quality service, an incredible solution, or to change the world, I am here to develop an elite community of the few, the exceptional.