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Episode 239 – Is Agile Going Down?

A picture of water circling a sink drain as a metaphor for our declining Agile practices

In this episode, I dive deep into the topic of Agile’s current state and its potential decline.

As I explore the challenges faced by modern organizations, including the tendency to over-discuss and seek authorization before taking action, I question whether Agile has lost its original purpose of helping, solving problems, and delivering customer success.

We need to move away from the obsession with accumulating knowledge and delve into the importance of wisdom and practical application. By focusing on helping people, optimizing work, and creating balance, we create opportunities to reshape Agile principles and practices.

To ensure the future of Agile and the Scrum Master role, I encourage the community to elevate Agile and contribute to its revitalization. It’s time to shift our focus from debates over methodologies and details and instead prioritize productivity, customer success, and achieving goals.

By questioning the current state of Agile and reflecting on its purpose and values, I aim to provide listeners with a fresh perspective on Agile’s path forward. So join me in this episode as we explore Agile’s decline and the opportunities for its new ascent.


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