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Episode 231 – What A Great Coach Does

Episode 231 - What A Great Coach Does

The best kind of coach is one who understands where you want to go, where. you are, and what strategies are likely to work (universally and just for you). Are you doing that?

  1. Coaching is about hearing what the other is all about. The prescriptions that you give will be based on the individual, the team, the context, the outcome, existing processes and beliefs.
  2. Be fearless in your curiosity about other people.
  3. Be fearless in sharing your ideas.
  4. A great coach is widely experienced and understands how to connect the threads between experiences. This is the primary difference between scrum master and coach.
  5. A great coach intuitively knows what experiments to try FIRST that have the best hope of improving results
  6. A great coach knows that agile may not be the best approach
  7. A great coach is not attached to any one way, or to their own rightness.
  8. A great coach serves first.

Don’t like life coaches…here’s why. There’s a saying that what we hate in others is what we fear most in ourselves. I see a great many coaches that are either inexperienced or were raised in a certain paradigm. All of their knowledge and skill is neatly tied to those frameworks and ways of thinking.

You can’t effectively coach people if you don’t know how to identify goals and outcomes and support the tough changes required to get them. This requires intuition and certainty that allows you to speak truth to people, challenge ideals, identify unhelpful mindsets and habits, hold people accountable, and measure results. That’s hard to do, and most coaches know that, so they despise those who can and suggest it’s not important.

If you can’t connect, inspire, persuade, lead, and sometimes rock the room, you can’t coach. People always talk about how sport coaches are masters of the skill, but the coaches they write books about are the ones that elevate the character and commitment of the team and the individuals within it. Period.


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