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Agile is simple.  Leading Agile teams and organizations is far from it.   It feels like herding cats sometimes – teammates resisting change, looking to impose more process, and executives looking for cost savings and innovations much quicker – all the while unable to let go of old habits because that’s “how we’ve always done it”.  When we encounter failure, these are the reasons that show up in the exit survey.

Frameworks won’t fix this.  Nor will hybrid processes or Agile games.   You need to stay badass.   You need to stay true to the spirit of Agile, and the core values that make it effective (and that make anything effective).   You need the right mindset, the right habits, and constant inspiration when things get muddy and tough.

So I’ve created this book for you, and it’s evolving right before your very eyes, one page at a time, Agile-style.  Field Notes for the Agile Leader contains daily contemplations on Agile thinking and practices.  You can read the series in full and subscribe to daily updates here on  (or search for “Field Notes Agile Leader” in the Medium app).

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The purpose of this book is to do what no other Agile resource can do – keep you inspired, on the path and in the fight every day just like a real coach would.  I hope you find it helpful and powerful as you progress in your Agile Leadership journey.  Enjoy!


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