One Size Solutions.png
The difficulty with scaling Agile is that the notion of scaling implies that there’s a way to make one tool perfect for all jobs.


We would never suggest that a contractor have only one item in their toolkit – a reciprocating saw is great for cutting branches, demolition, and rough cuts, but not to hammer in nails, screw in screws, or mix cement.  
This is reflected in the admonition that “Agile is not a silver bullet”. And yet we consistently and almost certainly proceed, with every Agile transformation and implementation, to make it exactly that.
To try to make a one-size-fits-all solution is not Agile. The secret lies in finding the right application, and the right mindsets. 
Finding good candidate projects, with a willing minds, creates fertile ground for success. 
And success is what will help agile spread.
Not thinking about, designing, analysing, validating, getting consensus and repeating until the approach is perfected.
That’s more waterfall.

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