One of the fastest ways to ramp up an in-flight team is to give them some practices and disciple around the daily standup.   By doing the standup well, you’ll have shown your team that a meeting does not, in fact, have to be about having the boss ‘check your work’, but in fact about sharing the health of our joint commitments as a team.   You’ll also have demonstrated that a meeting doesn’t have to be an hour long to give the impression of being worthwhile…we can get a lot more done in a much shorter period of time.  And you’ll have demonstrated that setting aggressive goals actually makes missing your targets way less scary, a time limit can help restrict conversations that we used to think were ‘necessary’, and that insisting on deliverables, not agenda, will make all of your gatherings way more productive.
But of course, this all requires change.  And change requires leadership.  Someone to go first.  Someone to lead the way when everyone else starts wondering not only if we’re doing it right…but if we’re supposed to be doing this at all.  That’s where the badass comes in.  Someone who can ‘own the room’.   Someone who can take the lead confidently and show the team the benefits of moving faster, of deep focus, constant reprioritization and continuous improvement.

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