The more Agile I see, the more I realize we are missing the point.

Controlling outcomes by imposing more process, more reporting, more tightly defined roles, hierarchies, and meetings can no longer be sold as Agile ‘version next’.   To overlay complexity in the name of ‘safety’ is basically trying to make the new thing look more like the old thing – so its less scary.

We need to remember the 12 Principles of Agile, and we need to live them…or we should DO something else, or call it something else.   Agiliy can’t be measured by how Scrummy you are.  It needs to be measured by our commitments to value, sustainability, autonomy, passion, efficiency and adaptability.

When I was a kid we had the ’12 Stations of the Cross’ arranged every 10 feet on the walls of my school’s church.  Maybe we should have the same observance, the same reverence, for the principles that we should be holding close in our daily team work.

Do you challenge teams to remember and honour these?  Or do we teach them to find their place on the Great Subway Map of safe and certain “Agile Version X”?

Check out this week’s episode here.

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