IMG_0815We’re quick to think about what we’re going to get.
We assume that if we make something, people will just buy it. We talk about the job we want to have,
We are quick to talk about the people and institutions in our lives, and what they will do for us.  How we can benefit.
But how often do we think about the value that we bring into the world?
Every living thing is destined to create – to put things of value into the world. If you look carefully, nothing in nature is superfluous. We don’t create things for their own sake.
I’ve proven, time and time again, that when you walk into a job interview and spend more time talking about the value you can bring to them than the value you want for yourself, you’re a long ways towards getting the job. It’s the same thing in any type of human interaction.
And yet, how many people do you know can clearly articulate the value that their value?
Do you know this about any of your friends or family? Probably not. And the reason why… We never stop to think about or formulate it.
There’s three levels at which you can bring value.. The first is the value that you bring to the world. This is essentially your vision, and I speak about this at great length. Remember that your value must be service-based.
The next level of value is the value that you bring to your organization. This is the one that you use when you’re going for job interviews, or selling to companies.
The third is the value that you bring to the tribe and the individuals around you. Being able to articulate the value that you bring to others means that you care about people and what they care about. And that you spend more time helping them get what they want, rather than thinking so much about what it is you want.
When you make a habit of treating the world this way, you’re always thinking about and refining your value. As you get better at what you do, and gain more experience, you can refine and even increase your value. When you meet people, or encounter new opportunities, it’s very easy to start talking about your value, almost as if it is your brand. And that’s just the point… It is. If you’ve been doing this for a couple years, your sense of value becomes a very powerful statement. People can’t help but notice. And all of a sudden, you’ll find that the world starts bending in your favour, at the end of the day, by focusing on what you give, it becomes much easier to get what you want.

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