It’s time to talk leadership.  Not management.  Leadership.

Blazing trails, lighting the way, going first.   Having a sense of what needs to be done, and the right moment to do it.  A calling to serve and a compelling picture of a better way of life.

I’m inspired by the few brave men and women who have led real transformations in our history.  The Civil Rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s have a great deal in common with the #metoo movement of 2017.  They teach us that real leadership isn’t trained, nor is it bred.  It is defined in a moment of opportunity, when those who feel the strong call of service summon incredible courage and will to do what couldn’t or wouldn’t be done before.

I’ve yet to see a transformation framework that uniformly produces delighted customers.  I’m as certain today as I am when I started this a year ago – there are plenty of resources about how to do and be Agile – I’m interested in the kind of people who, regardless of framework, philosophy, history, or challenges know how to connect with clients and teams, and inspire them to do amazing things.   We don’t need more agilists, we need more leaders – dare I say…..badasses.

Check out this week’s podcast here.

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