Nothing is more challenging than building a dynamic team that performs well.

And nothing about Agile or Scrum guarantees that will happen.   There are so many great tools within the framework to help ensure that work is self-organized, cross-functional and manageable, but none of that will make up for a team that isn’t a cohesive and healthy unit.

You get the team you get, and by almost all accounts, this makes things much harder than being able to select the team members who will fit an agile team culture.

But if nothing impacts success more than culture, what can we do to help the team we’ve got?

There’s a good deal of chatter about how teams need to be safe, challenged, trusting, and growing.   I’ve got a simple technique that can kickstart that with two simple questions you can ask over a beer after work.  These questions not only force individuals to think about their purpose, but also about how they fit together, how they can help each other, and how they can trust each other.  They expose just a little of our humanity with just a little bit of humour; they challenge our motivations and assumptions about each other, and they signal that at least one person in the room – you – cared enough to ask the question and listen to the answer.

Learn more about those two questions in this week’s episode.

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