I get beat up a lot.

I pride myself on my abilities so when I screw up, it hits hard.  This was definitely one of those weeks.

Fortunately, I also pride myself on my resilience.   I know I will be able to pick myself up, change my attitude slightly, and get back after it.

The secret to making that work is viewing adversity as a gift.  Let’s face it.  The things you struggle with, the things that hurt the most, are the things that you need to do the most work on.  They are gaps that you haven’t filled yet.  Often times, they are gaps we can’t even see.

In this weeks episode, I discuss the mindset and habits you want to adapt around that particular kind of failure that knocks the wind right out of you as an agile leader.   You don’t have to show strength at all times, but you can’t show weakness.  Success is not the absence of failure.  But it is the presence of courage in the face of failure.

Listen to the entire episode here:

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