A breathtaking leader – someone who inspires us to believe and follow, and to summon our best work – is one who remains calm in the face of change. They are neither superhuman nor celebrated. They are simply a common person with uncommon resolve in the face of change.

Change triggers deep fear in most of us. So we cling to things that make us feel certain and safe. This explains 90% of modern business operation. And when change does occur – from small to massive – a great leader can shake us from the haze of uncertainty, the paralysis created by the unknown, and incite us to right action. So often, in times of change, it’s not entirely what we do, but how quickly and surely we do it that determines our survival.

To become that leader, free from fear, you must practice habits of re-prioritization – the ability to look up from the fog, see what’s what, and recalibrate based on the new reality. There are simple steps you should practice in all areas of your life – from home renovations to road trips to agile projects – that will make you more certain in your decision-making, more steadfast, more resilient to failure and change…and those around you will Learn more in this week’s episode. Click here to listen.

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