One of the secrets of the legendary badass is to not worry about things that don’t matter. It can be hard to let go of pleasing everyone, or being perfect at everything, and nailing everything on your to-do list. But the reality is, in an age driven by efficiency, the highest impact items need to go first. They need to get done first, not just so they can get done sooner, but also in case we run out of resources to move on to the next thing…at least the most important thing got done. There is nothing that frames failure like spending your last moment or your last dollar on something that made no difference whatsoever.

This is why the product owner prioritizes, of course, but as a leader of incredible teams, you must also have a relentless prioritization habit inside the team room, and beyond. Do this, and watch how it changes your success.

Click here to listen to the full episode.

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