Influence can’t be forced.   To be the sort of leader who makes real meaningful change in the world, the source of your inspiration to others must be the passion within.   You have to be in tune with the thing that calls you, and as you tune your vision and passion into a truly unique offering, you will occupy a place that others will want to come to.   Spend time grooming that vision (just like a product owner).
Further, you must be the sort of leader who is confident, controlled, and unattached to any particular outcome.   In short, the art of influence and power is all about not wanting it so badly – what you chase tends to evade you.   Focusing on other people, being truly grateful and happy (rather than grouchy and ‘bossy’), being calm, content and confident will build on that visionary foundation and build the trust and radiant leadership energy that others will be instantly attracted to.

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