Everyone wants to be part of something special.  We forget that by being part of an agile team, we already are.  However, I want to inspire you to build unusual teams that have what nobody else has – energy, spirit, coordination, grit, pride.   Imagine yourselves as part of an exclusive club, that does remarkable things to get uncommon results.
As usual, the leader goes first.  And as usual – it’s going to seem challenging, like you couldn’t possibly build the BEST team in the organization…could you?  As usual, doing exceptional things starts in the mind.  Get the team clear on a picture of the future – not just what you make together, but how you act.    Make sure you are living the badass principles we’ve discussed so far..and if not, recommit to improving your practice now.  That way you can inspire your teams tomorrow and start moving them towards extraordinary.

Listen to the full episode here.

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