This year I’ve noticed the change.  Workplaces full of fear, increased pressure and anxiety.   Bustling office buildings well past 7 or 8 PM.   I have a creeping suspicion this is not motivated by passionate energy, but rather by fear and an ever-increasing rift between those who Do, and those who Profit.  There is a palpable sense that we are holding the masses down; trying to keep them from boiling over while we simultaneously press them harder to extract unprecedented yields of their time, energy, and loyalty.
As an Agile Leader you may be asked to be complicit in this tightening, this compression – but as a true leader, a true badass, you cannot.
Remember your passion, your vision, and your service.  Inspire others to do and live the same.
Not all will follow, and that’s ok.  Those who take a stand for balance, for freedom, and the primacy of the individual and her fulfillment will create something very new.  Something unheralded in modern times.  Something long overdue.
And I’m here to help you.
Reflect today on why we labour.  What we surrender so much of our life energy for.  Get inspired, and then get committed to lead with honour, with purpose.  To make people truly awesome.
Listen to the episode here, and have a great long weekend.

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