What is it that makes us want to follow leaders?  Charisma may be a bit of a myth, but its actually a roll-up of several qualities that make people seem ‘impressive’ and powerful.  One is a strong sense of vision, which, as you know if you follow the podcast, I’m very big on developing at the individual and team level.  Another is fearless accountability.
This subtle change in thinking can completely rock your universe.  By considering yourself accountable (not ‘to blame’, but ‘responsible’) for everything that has happened and is about to happen in your life, you recognize the extreme duty you have to put your best efforts to creating the future you want.  When we blame outside forces for our lot in life, we excuse ourselves from doing the hard work of ensuring that we are fulfilled, successful, and happy.  You can’t escape the hard work.  To permit yourself a shortcut is the wrong way – the right way is to plan and live life according to your purpose.  Your service-based vision.  Then, action becomes joy, and accountability is a craving, not a burden.
Study any hero in any domain – past, present or future.  They all share the sense that the external environment is not responsible for their achievements.  They are.
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