We are less than 10% of what we could be.  Part of what holds us back is our refusal to see ourselves and our world for what they really are.  We have tremendous blind spots – patterns of processing information that keep us from truths we consider painful.  But if we don’t learn to see them – to truly see ourselves, we can never address attitudes and actions that keep us from being elite.
Feedback is scary.  It threatens to poke through our defences and show us what we don’t want to see.  Reactions can be very explosive, which makes it scary to GIVE feedback.  But we must.  We cannot improve without knowing what we are working on.
So how can we get better?  A protocol for polite feedback is…nice…but we need more than that.  Nice-ness is just putting a pretty wrapper on a sharp spear.  We need to get tough.  Learn to accept feedback for the true opportunity that it is.  The secret weapon of elite teams and individuals.   Start with a service-based vision, a love for your team, a duty to improve, and then work on building trust.   It starts with you, as a leader.  You will need to learn how to truly crave feedback that can make you better.  This is how you lead by example.
And if you can do it, you have unlocked the doors to unlimited improvement.  You will have happier, faster, better teams.   You will create something that others will only wish they had.  An elite tribe of badasses.

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