Let’s create a creed for our tribe.  A set of standards – a pledge, a way of identifying how we think and act in the ideal.

This Ethos will change over time as we learn and grow.  Like anything Agile it is important to ship something we can use today, rather than wait for a more perfect, more certain definition to arrive.

The Badass Ethos

I am part of an elite tribe of leaders who challenge convention and continually seek ways to improve myself and others.  I will not be motivated or influenced by money, authority or power.

We will live a professional life with integrity to our core values, including service, honour, and openness.  

I am in control of my emotions and reactions at all times. I am unbreakable.  I rely chiefly on myself and my team.  I am accountable for everything.

I will be unafraid of new challenges and new ways of thinking.  Every problem is finite and solvable.   I will not waste time on things that are of low value.  I will always prefer the simplest, most elegant option.

The competition is counting on my weakness.  Any weakness. My inability to shift and react with speed and grace. I will remain ahead of them through continuous refinement, ingenuity, innovation. The pedal is always to the floor.  The extra 1% wins..

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