Agile can help you change a team.  To change an organization, you need something more.

In the team room, everyone is bought in.   Resistance lives in the halls and cubicles.  In the executive suite, everyone is signing up for the benefits, but not the disciplines.   The method itself is not the secret sauce.  The mindset of the teams and their leaders IS.

The tools or techniques won’t get you there, the mindsets and habits will.

Nothing in the manual prepares you for this.  You need to level-up.  You need to get Badass.  Now.

Adopting these excellence habits and spreading them requires a person of confidence, wisdom, and influence, it requires a badass.

True Believers, visionaries, leaders – I’m writing this for you.

In coaching teams, I learned that the best, most competitive, aggressive companies that were flat-out beating the competition understood “excellence habits”

  • Focused, hard work
  • Open, continuous feedback
  • Value-based prioritization
  • Embracing failure
  • Team Life
  • Vision, Mission or Passion-based mindset

Then I learned that aspects of this excellence habit are adopted by elite teams everywhere – in the military, athletics, performing arts, small enterprise, and community leadership.


Becoming badass will make you better, more fulfilled; which spreads to your peers, then your products and customers.  You will become a powerful achiever and leader, and that will drive more excellence, success and true believers to you.

We’re building a tribe.  An insider community for Those Who Crush It.  So whether you just want to deliver your next project or move to something much bigger in your life… These excellence habits will change your life.

You can learn the agile basics anywhere. You can become an elite leader here.




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