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Go way beyond certifications – uncover your badass.  This is your chance to build effortless confidence, certainty, vision and influence.

Build your dream business with The Agile Entrepreneur

The step-by-step guide to trading your corporate job for a life of your own design

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Make Lasting Impact

Identity Talks

Learn to connect with and express your ultimate identity in this three-part video series with Carl Oxholm and Chris Williams

Industry training and books are holding you back. You can’t study your way to more courage, influence, or certainty. Chris knows how to simplify, build, and test these skills. His digital and in-person experiences carve away decades of bad mindsets and habits. Everything you need to go further is already within you. Become your own hero – a leader of vision, discipline, resilience, and true agility.

Meet the limitless you.

Chris’ programs reveal your unique voice and unblock your decisiveness, courage, and confidence. You are capable of way more than you think you are. But no certification, book, or conference will get you there. Undo the limiting ideas and practices taught in our industry. Let our digital and in-person experiences unleash your inner hero.

Go Vertical

Agile Sidekick

Boost your chances even if you’re just starting out! The only program that builds the right mindset for new practitioners seeking their first (or next) scrum master role.

Become Elite

The Forge

The best training for seasoned Agilists. Get the qualities and aura of a badass leader. Supported by a master coach and a team of your peers.Live events in the comfort of your home or office.

Performance Problems solveD

The Forge Professional

Supercharge your leaders with the secrets that stick. For departments or companies serious about investing in competitive performance, we can change your world in 12 short weeks. 

There’s Only One Badass

Hire Chris

For keynotes, conferences, or coaching, insist on lasting impact. With over 25 years of experience in training and coaching, go from informational to unforgettable. 

Transforming mindsets and habits to achieve bold outcomes.

These qualities of a hero – leaders of courage, discipline, impact and service – are highly prized, and programs that deliver them are extremely rare. Perhaps you’ve come to doubt that these qualities aren’t even teachable.

The Podcast

Learn about the Badass Agile philosophy that I’ve been practicing with clients – leaders and teams – for years. Each week is a short, powerful reflection on experiences, mindset and habit pairs, and current trends that will challenge and strengthen your practice.

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Real Clients

Real clients with real feedback.
Imagine how our services could transform you and your team.

In The Forge, I discovered certainty and authenticity when I owned my personal vision.
In The Forge, I became impactful when I learned how to own my time and focus on things that matter. 
In The Forge, I found bravery when I pushed into the strength of my resilience.
In The Forge, I transformed my every day by seeking to understand myself and others.
In The Forge, I journeyed into the depths of what I’m made of and emerged the hero I was born to be.
The Forge taught me to harness the power of my authenticity and transform my life’s work into a series of impactful moments by showing up with intent, confidently leaning into hard things and emerging as the hero I was born to be every single day.

– Jen, The Forge Student

To say that The Forge is not just a training but rather, an experience, is an understatement.
The challenges faced, the friendships made, the potential that has been unleashed went well beyond any expectation I had. The Forge has elevated my coaching abilities and helped me to become a better version of myself. I could not recommend it more highly for coaches at any point on their journey.

– Ken, The Forge Student

I joined The Forge to learn skills to make me a better consultant. What I didn’t expect, was to become a better self. This course taught me so much about myself, what it means to serve others, and how to do so effectively

– Chris, The Forge Student